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We help businesses like yours get targeted website traffic, turn the traffic into leads, turn leads into customers and turn customers into happy promoters of your business. We are here to help make you a leader in your industry!

Through educating clients, offering consulting, social media marketing, building websites, performing “white-hat” SEO , or doing inbound marketing, Julie and her team are looking forward to helping your company grow. Our clients faced problems including not having enough website visitors, not being found in the search engines, not turning website visitors into paying clients and not getting social media traffic. Inbound My Marketing helps make changes in all these areas. You need to beat your competition. We are your secret weapon for doing just that.

Client Testimonials

“This was all made possible by If you want to be found on the Internet, Julie can make that happen. She has a proven track record. Be careful what you wish for… you might just get too much business.
~Danielle Sheets West,

Movie Me

“As a family law attorney, my firm’s success depends on regularly generating new client leads. Inbound My Marketing has dramatically increased my firm’s visibility online. The company totally revamped my website, and made it more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Traffic to my website has been increased ten-fold since hiring IMM! I was shocked that my firm is now on the first page of Google, and even more surprised that this happened within weeks of hiring IMM! Not only are potential clients finding me through web searches, but the social media marketing done by IMM (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) has generated additional client leads too. The customer service at IMM has been amazing as well. The return on investment with this company has been better than any marketing/advertising expense I have incurred in years!”

Porter Law Firmmanager


Because you want to out rank and out perform the competition. Driving clients to yourwebsite is our specialty. We take care of the hard work for you and help your business grow.

Friendly Support

Receive friendly support and help 7 days a week!


All the websites we build are Responsive – meaning they fit nicely on any device.

SEO Optimized

Websites are created and Search Engine Optimized (SEO Optimized) to help clients find you.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing done effectively to get you more clients and help retain clients.

Content Creation

Valuable content created for your website. Help website visitors trust you more.

Email Marketing

Use email marketing service to not only retain clients but also turn leads into customers and turn your customers into happy promoters.

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