If your website is just http, Google is about to mark your online forms as unsecure.

Say what?

That’s right. Starting this month, if your website isn’t https (secure), then Google will mark your online forms as unsecure.

That’s a surefire way to get potential clients to Leave your website!

Yikes! That’s the last thing you need!

https importance

Switching your website to a secure site (https) has several benefits.

Benefits of switching to https:

  • Increased SEO rankings in Google
  • Data sent using https is encrypted
  • Data can not be corrupted during transfer
  • Allows Google to re-crawl your entire website
  • Potential clients will feel secure using your site (builds user trust)
  • Google won’t mark your site as unsecure
  • Google indexes secure pages over unsecure pages

If you haven’t already switched your website from http to https, it’s critical to go ahead and do it. Otherwise, Google will be putting your competitors higher in the search engine results than your site.