There’s something a bit unnerving about not having a guaranteed salary. As a lawyer, you know your income changes monthly depending on the volume of clients coming through your door. (Let’s be real. It also depends upon how many of those clients actually pay their bills.) You are probably asking the question regarding how to get more clients for you law firm.

Get More Clients For Your Law Firm

Get More Clients For Your Law Firm – Watch the Phone Ring Daily

Getting potential clients to contact you is necessary for your success. Besides your traditional face to face networking, a critical place for attracting new clients is meeting them where they are: online.

How to Get your Law Firm to show up on Google

Your potential clients are online looking for answers to their problems. If you are a divorce lawyer, they are probably on Google typing in “divorce lawyer.” However, they may end up finding lawyers across the country due to their generic search. Then, they will likely type in a more specific phrase such as “divorce lawyer in Orlando.” If you are in or near the Orlando area, you want to be certain your website is one of the top sites that appear in the Google search results.

Whatever your legal field of expertise, your website needs to be the one that comes up in the search engines. It is critical to consider all the possible search phrases your potential clients are typing into Google. From there, you can effectively optimize your website to appear in the search engines for each and every one of those keyword phrases.

A good SEO company, like Inbound My Marketing, will be able to optimize your website to allow it to be found in the search engine for dozens, and even hundreds of keyword phrases. It isn’t going to do you much good if your website can only be found online for one or two phrases. Your website traffic will be very limited, which is why your phone isn’t ringing on a regular basis.

The Importance of an Engaging Law Firm Website

Once people find your website, is it engaging? Do you they stay on your website long enough to build trust and want to contact you? Do you provide helpful answers on your website? Do you have something on your site to encourage prospects to contact you? Do you have a free download on your site? Perhaps you offer a free 20 minute consultation.

It does no good to drive traffic to your website if they immediately click the back arrow and leave your site.

That’s where an inbound marketing expert comes in handy. They will be able to walk you through the entire inbound marketing process which attracts potential clients to your interactive website. Those website visitors turn into leads. Together you help the leads turn into clients and the clients turn into happy promoters of your firm.

Why does a lawyer need to care about social media?

Do you have a plan in place for handling the Social Media side of your business?  I know, sounds dumb and unimportant to the legal field. However, you know the website you are trying to get on page one of Google? Well, your competitors also have one. Google knows this. To help them figure out who to place on page one and which website to put on page 100, they have a convenient formula they use. This algorithm takes into consideration over 200 factors about your online presence as compared to your competitors. A large chunk of this algorithm is now social media.

With a plan in place, your law firm will have an ongoing presence on social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Google +. Why Google Plus?  Well, since Google owns Google Plus, they definitely take into consideration your social presence there. The more people are interacting with you on Google +, the better it is for your search engine rankings!

Increased Website Traffic for your Law Firm from your Social Media Marketing

Besides helping your website earn a higher ranking in the search engines, social media marketing helps drive potential customers to your website (when done correctly).  Your law firm can utilize Social Media to offer helpful tips and information to your fans. Your posts should never be only about your firm or promoting your services. They should be a range of re-posts from other relevant sites, blog posts from your firm, helpful tips and quotes and any specials or current promotions. Let your posts send fans to specific and targeted pages on your website.

End up with More Law Firm Clients!

By having an engaging website that is optimized for potential clients and search engines, your law firm should easily be found in Google searches. Utilizing Social Media the right way can drive more traffic to your website and also increase your rankings in the search engines, resulting in more clients for you!

Get on Page One of Google within Weeks!

Get on Page One of Google within Weeks!

Inbound My Marketing can help your firm put a strong and effective inbound marketing plan in place. Watch the website traffic increase and your phone start ringing. Our methods have been proven effective over and over. We offer a money back guarantee if you don’t see results. We can do this because 100% of our clients end up on page one of Google the first month!

If you are wondering How to get more clients for your Law Firm, contact us right now for a free review of your website and to find out more about getting on page one of Google within a few weeks!